AFL News: There are no plans for AFL to become AFLM: league

February 11, 2020

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The AFL has reiterated that it has no plans to change its name following comments from football manager Steve Hocking about possibly calling the men’s match the AFLM.

Hocking was asked about the possibility that the rebranding might fall in line with the new AFLW women’s league on the weekend’s ABC’s The Outer Sanctum podcast and was responsive.

“I just think a lot of what we’ve touched on here is just tradition,” Hocking said towards the end of a wide-ranging AFLW interview, which included women’s competition leader Nicole Livingstone.

“We’re unpacking a whole range of things that have just been the way they were because of 160 years of football.

“I think this is OK

“I don’t think we have to look at each other automatically over the fence to ask if we need to apply another initial to something.

“But if we’re all heads at the AFL in time that’s something that’s coming up.”

However after the widespread coverage of the remarks, the league released a clarification Tuesday.

“We had a perfect first round of the AFL Women’s competition to season four,” said the statement released via social media.

“AFLW has developed its own strong community brand and we will continue to promote its message and support the league & women’s football.

“No plans are being made to change the AFL competition name.”