What will the AFL Grand Final 2020 Entertainment Be?

Rumours legendary Brisbane band Powderfinger would be performing at this year’s grand final gained a hell of a lot of steam but McLachlan put those to bed.


the band’s statement read on Twitter,

“Hey Everyone, just to put the rumour mill out of business,”

“We were extremely flattered to have been asked to perform at the Gabba @AFL GF.

“A very generous and enticing proposal made by Mr. Gudinski and the AFL board (thanks ladies & gents) but it is not to be this time folks.

“We’d rather make way for active Queensland artists.

“Might see some of you at the Gabba Oct 24 but we will just have a beer and a pie in hand, not guitars.”

Powderfinger Twitter

It’s not yet confirmed who will be playing, though, with travel restrictions, Aussie artists are almost guaranteed, with Queenslanders likely to be in the box seat.

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